Connecting Artists to Artists

RAIDAR is a Music Licensing Platform
designed BY students, FOR students, and built by
Berklee and MIT Connection Science.

Open to Berklee Students and Alumni

Upload and earn money from your musical works today.

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Open To Film and Visual Media Students

Find premium, unique music for your visual projects.

RAIDAR is a direct creator to consumer music licensing solution that empowers
Berklee students to begin building sustainable careers on their own terms via:

  • Monetizing their musical works while retaining ownership of their songs.
  • Learning about intellectual property through active engagement.
  • Determining the value of their work by placing it in a free market.
  • Connecting with other creators that want to license their music for audiovisual works such as film, video games and VR.

Open Music Initiative

Open Music Initiative's values and open source protocols guide RAIDAR. Open Music is a non profit initiative of Berklee and MIT Connection Science founded to

  • Advance interoperability for musical rights owner identification and remuneration;
  • Educate creators about intellectual property rights; and
  • Explore and promote innovation across the music industry ecosystem.

RAIDAR is not a basic music library. All payments flow entirely to the Berklee student creators. All music on RAIDAR has been composed by students and alumni of Berklee, the preeminent institution of contemporary music. Open Music's membership grants access to RAIDAR based upon adherence to the principles of the Open Music Initiative, which include equity, sustainability, creativity and interoperability, and on adherence to the technical criteria of Open Music's protocols and API.